media from any angle

surf photography

I am lucky to have grown up in Huntington Beach, CA.  HB has spawned some of the best surf talent in the world.  Surf photo sessions are available from in the water, on the sand or in the air!

wet images

Water covers the majority of our planet.  I have found that water and light when mixed with waves creates some of the most dramatic scenery out there.  I shoot with a SPL Water housing for my DSLR and Flash.  Please visit my wet gallery to enjoy some point of view images from inside "the barrel" ; a place that not too many people get to experience.

dry images

Capturing amazing landscapes from sea level to the highest snow covered peaks around the world.   I shoot with a Canon 5d Mark 2.  I have multiple flashes and pieces of glass for all opportunities.  Please enjoy my dry gallery for most of my land work.  Anything is possible when you work with the right person.

                                      the Coastal WAY Project

Along the coast you will find it is always different as no two days are alike.   The colors, the water, the light, the sand, the air, the lines and what happens to them is truly amazing.  To freeze these moments in time and share them with the world is what gets me going .  Enjoy!